Apple Router Login

Apple AirPort Utility allows you to change Wi-Fi password, Network Name (SSID), and default base station settings.

How to login to Apple router?

Apple AirPort does not support a web interface. To change any default settings, you need to install the AirPort Utility app on Mac, Windows, iPhone or iPad.

  1. Download and Install the AirPort Utility app for macOS, Windows or iOS.
  2. Select Wi-Fi > New AirPort Base Station > AirPort Extreme.
  3. Enter the Network Name and Password and click Next.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.
  5. You will be logged in to the AirPort settings.

How to change Apple AirPort Wi-Fi Password and Network Name?

  1. Open the AirPort Utility app.
  2. Select a Base Station and click Edit.
  3. Select Wireless.
  4. Enter the Wi-Fi Network Name in the Wireless Network Name field.
  5. Enter the Wi-Fi password in the Wireless Password field.
  6. Click Update.

How to factory reset AirPort base station?

  1. Disconnect the base station from power.
  2. Press and hold the small reset button on the back of the base station, and connect the base station to power while holding the reset button for about 6 seconds until the status lights start to blink rapidly.
  3. Wait for a minute for the base station to restart.
  4. You can now reconfigure the base station.