How To Reset Your Router?

For a lot of hardware components on computers and networking resetting is one way of fixing things. The router is also one of such hardware that sometimes needs to be reset for getting it to work normally. There are different reasons why you might want to reset your router as not everyone is a geek capable of fixing things normally.

The router allows you to connect to the internet and at times you face issues with the internet and it gets hard to grasp the actual problem. Sometimes you forget the password of your Router that is troublesome for anyone. One of the ways to deal with such problems is by resetting the Router to factory settings.

Resetting the Router is easy but there are things that change on factory resetting hardware. After you reset a Router here are some things you should be ready for:

  • New router name and password
  • New Username and password for WiFi
  • New ISP username and password
  • Reseted port forwards
  • Resettled firewall settings.

Basically everything that you have ever changed in the router setting as it will be good as as default factory settings.

Here is how you reset your Router:

  • On the back of your router, there is a small reset button present on the back of the router. Locate that button.
  • Now use a pin while keeping the Router on and press the button. You have to press the reset button for a few seconds (10 seconds or so).
  • Depending on the model and type of four Router there will be lights blinking or changing. They may also just turn solid but there will be some different activity in lights after you press and hold the reset button.
  • Leave the reset button now and if you did it right your Router is now reset. This makes your Router good as new.

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