How To Change WiFI Password?

If you want to change your default router WiFi password then follow this guide. Occasionally changing your password is a good practice recommended by cyber security experts because then you can ensure no one really have unauthorized access to your router.

Further more you should be aware on how to create strong password in order for it not to be easily guessed by random users or cracked by bad guys. A strong WiFi password should contain numerical values, mix symbols and upper-lower case texts but make sure you memorize it or securely store it somewhere to not forget it.

Now coming back to our guide, follow these steps on the individual routers to safely change password.

Change WiFi Password on TP-Link Routers

  1. First of all login to your admin panel at or
  2. Enter admin and admin as their default login credentials.
  3. Once logged in go to “Advanced” settings.
  4. Wireless and then go to Wireless Settings.
  5. You will see “Passwords” field, enter your new password and save changes.

Change WiFi Password on D-Link Routers

  1. Login to your router settings at 
  2. Enter admin/admin as username and password.
  3. In Setup page you will see Wireless option, click on Wireless Security.
  4. If already not, select Security Mode: WPA2 only.
  5. Now in Pre-Shared Key enter your desired password and Apply it.

Change WiFi Password on NETGEAR Routers

  1. Go to or
  2. Enter admin/password as username and password field.
  3. Under BASIC menu go to Wireless option.
  4. Now under Security Options (WPA2-PSK) enter your password.
  5. Apply it, the router will reboot with new configurations.

And that’s how easily you can change your wifi password and this is same procedure if you want to do on mobile devices (Android & iOS) as this is a web-based GUI. TP-Link, D-Link, and NetGear are the most popular router companies however if you want help for any other router then you can contact us and we will try to help you as soon we can.