is the default IP address of Telmex, BT, PlusNet, AT&T to change WiFi password, SSID, and other router settings at Login

How to login to

Make sure you are connected to your Router’s WiFi Network. Follow these steps to login to admin:

  1. Open a browser and type
  2. A login page will appear. Enter the default username and password.
  3. You will be logged in to the admin settings.

Default Username and Passwords

Router BrandUser NamePassword
Telmex InfinitumTELMEXContraseña (WPA) printed on modem box
Nokia (Subisu)AdminGPONALC#FGU
Nokia (Worldlink)userAdminPrinted on a label on the back of router
Fastweb(Printed on modem)(Printed on modem)
Telusadmin(Admin Password printed on modem)
Spark NZadminadmin
Maxisadministrator(Router's Serial No. printed at the back of your router)
PlusnetadminAdmin password for Hub Manager printed on back of the router.


  • If you are unable to login the admin panel through, try using another IP address such as or Or check the list of Default IP Address and Passwords.
  • Make sure you are typing the IP address correctly. Typing 192.168.l.254 is a common mistake because an IP address always consists of numerical digits, not alphabets.
  • If you don’t know the default login username and admin password for Hub Manager, then you can check the back of your router/modem or in the manual guide. The following is an example for Telmex routers:
  • If you had changed the password and have lost it then you can reset it by performing a factory reset on the router which will reset everything to defaults including any changed passwords. To perform a factory reset, press and hold the small RESET button at the back of the router with a needle or toothpick for 10-15 seconds. The router will reboot and everything will reset to default settings.