Re.rockspace.local is the web UI address to setup rock space WiFi Extender and change default settings at http://re.rockspace.local or

Re.rockspace.local Login Login

How to setup rock space WiFi extender?

  1. To extend your WiFi network, first plugin the rock space extender into a power outlet.
  2. Connect to the “rockspace_EXT” WiFi network.
  3. Open a browser and enter http://re.rockspace.local or in the address bar.
  4. Create your login password for later login.
  5. Select a Wi-Fi Network (SSID) you want to extend.
  6. Enter the password of your existing WiFi network and click Extend. (Password of the extended network is same as your existing WiFi network.)
  7. Once the setup is completed, it will prompt Extended successfully!
  8. You will be now able to connect to the extended WiFi network.

Tip: For best performance, place the extender into a power outlet halfway between the router and WiFi dead zone.