BT Business Hub Manager allows you to change WiFi password, Network Name (SSID), and default Business Hub settings at http://btbusinesshub.home.

Btbusinesshub.home Login

If you are using BT Hub 2700/2701, BT Business Smart Hub, or Smart Hub 2, visit this page for login instructions.

How to login to BT Business Hub Manager?

  1. Open a browser and type http://btbusinesshub.home in the address bar.
  2. Enter the Admin Password and click Login.
  3. You will be logged in to the BT Business Hub Manager.

Note: The Admin password is printed on the bottom of your Hub. It is not the same as the wireless password.

If you are using a corporate VPN, you need to disconnect the VPN connection as this can stop you from accessing the Hub Manager page.

How to change BT Business Hub Wi-Fi Password and SSID?

  1. Open the BT Business Hub Manager.
  2. Click Settings > Wireless.
  3. Enter the WiFi Network Name in the Wireless network name/SSID field.
  4. Enter the WiFi Password in the Wireless key field.
  5. Click Apply and click Yes to confirm.

Any devices connected wirelessly to your BT Business Hub will be disconnected. To reconnect the wireless network, enter the new wireless key.

The steps apply to BT Business Hub 3 and Business Hub 5.