How to Use Public WiFi Safely?

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WiFi is the type of thing that attracts anyone who wants to have internet access and that includes anyone who has a laptop or smartphone. Private WiFi needs a password and is limited to users that admin allows using the network.

Public WiFi networks, on the other hand, are open to all and can be used by anyone who is under the coverage area of the router. Public WiFi is not the most secure place to access the internet while they are easy and free to use.

Here are a few things that can be done while using public WiFi to make sure you are safe.

Try verifying the source

At public places like hotels, cafes, schools, universities, etc it’s normal to find public WiFi and at the same place, there are people creating fake WiFi hotspots. These fake WiFi hotspots are there just to steal your data and you might just connect to it thinking its legit thing. At a cafe or hotel, etc ask any employee about the available WiFi and its name before you decide to connect to it.

Use a VPN

It’s a nightly recommended solution and the best thing to do while using a public WiFi network. Try any of the preferred VPN apps that you use and turn it on while using public WiFi. This helps keep your data traffic encrypted and your browsing remains secure between you and the server.

HTTPS Connection

While you are at any of the public WiFi and you can’t use the VPN apps for any reason there is just another way to stay safe. This is by using websites that are encrypted so your data doesn’t go anywhere except for the server. Https lets you know that the website is safe and your data remains between the server and you.

The firewall on your device.

Firewall protection is also something that you should rely on and this helps you stay protected from hackers. Turn on the Firewall when you are connecting to any of the public WiFi to keep yourself safe.

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