How To Recover WiFi Username and Password?

If you happen to have lost the username/password to the Admin Panel of your Wi-Fi Router, then it is something that happens to many users all over the world. Many users all around the world change the username/password of the Router and they forget it. The solution to this issue is really easy and you can get back access to your Wi-Fi in just a few minutes.

To Recover the Wi-Fi Username and Password, you would need to factory reset your Wi-Fi Router. Once you factory reset the router, you would be able to login to the Wi-Fi Router using the default username and password.

You can search over the internet for the default login credentials or check out the manual of the router or the box in which it came for the default username and password.

To factory reset your Wi-Fi Router, follow these steps:

  1. Take a sharp, pointed object such as a needle or toothpick.
  2. Look for a small hidden button on the back of the router labeled as RESET.
  3. Press and hold that button using a needle for 10-15 seconds.
  4. After that, release the button and the router will reboot itself.
  5. Now everything will be reset to the defaults including any changed username and password and you can log in using the default credentials.

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