Why Is My Internet Slow?

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Everyone comes across slow internet once in a while but there are always reasons why you are having such issues in the first place. Internet issues are common for all devices and slow internet doesn’t help much as internet suffering is better when smooth. It’s normal for everyone to get a subscription plan that suits all the requirements but why is it still not enough. Here are some common reasons why you are facing slow internet over your network.

Placement of the router.

It’s not the weirdest thing to know but not everyone is aware of where the router is going to have the best performance. Placing your router at a bad spot that doesn’t cover the whole place or gets restricted by walls etc will make your internet slow.

Old or outdated router.

It’s natural that old hardware or gadgets won’t be able to perform well as compared to new or latest products. The same goes for routers and in case you have been using the same router for too long and are facing slow internet it’s time you buy a new one.

Cheap/slow internet plans

While getting a plan for home sometimes we overlook the number of possible users and decide to go for a budget. Cheaper plans are budget-friendly but come with less bandwidth and with some users connected to it, the internet speed falls drastically.

Overcrowding or traffic.

You might be facing slow interest because there are other people using the same network as you. The more users on the same network the slower the internet gets for individuals.

Background apps

While using smartphones or computers we overlook the background tasks and apps running. Sometimes these tasks, services or apps are running in the background sucking all the internet without you knowing. It degrades the internet speed for your actual work while your internet still gets consumed.

Router not connected properly

Out of everything that is possible router is the source of it all so make sure your router is set up properly.

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