How to Check WiFi Signal Strength?

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WiFi is a good and reliable source for Internet access and is recommended for the uninterrupted Internet with good speed. Sometimes you might feel the speed slowing down and pages on your web browser loading slowly taking more time.

Downloading and uploading speed is slow and fast drastically at times and places in your home. This just means your WiFi strength is not the same over the house and will be providing different speeds at different places. For finding the best spot with the good network you need to check the signal strength. Or you might just casually want to know what is your WiFi signal strength then it’s quite easy.

For devices such as laptops and smartphones etc, there are always signal bars that show the signal strength of WiFi you are connected to. The lower the number of these bars the weaker the signal of WiFi you are connected to is. You can walk around your home while you are connected to your WiFi and see the bars going down as you move rather from the router.

This is just a casual way of checking the signal strength and doesn’t provide the numerically digits or precise information. A more reliable process of checking your WiFi signal strength is by using apps made for this purpose.

Apps like the WiFi analyzer can help you with this work that will let you have data on the strength of your WiFi signal. The unit used to check the WiFi signal strength in dBm( Decibels relative to a milliwatt) and it ranges from -30 to -90 on the scale.

The -30 on the scale shows that your signal strength is perfect and best and this is only possible while you are right next to the source of the network. -90 gives of the sign that your WiFi signal strength is weakest possible and you might even fail to connect at this stage.

The intermediate -50 and -60 are good enough for work and anything above that will make you feel slow while using the WiFi.

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