How To Increase Internet Speed?

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Internet is turning into a basic need for everyone and with time this fast internet is turning into basic needs. Slow or choppy internet is the least of how anyone would want their internet access to be and yet everyone faces slow internet from time to time.

It is still confusing to most of the users to why is the internet slow and how to increase internet speed. There are some possible things that can be done to ensure that all the hardware is giving optimal performance. To get the best internet speed your ISP has to provide you can try these possible things.

Try changing router or modem

The source of your WiFi network is ISP but the hotspot remains the modem or router that can degrade the internet speed for you. Even with a high-speed internet plan, you can face slow internet with a malfunctioning or old router or modem.

If you have to disconnect the internet for no reason your router can be the source of error. Try changing the router and it should be fine if the router was the problem.

Check for viruses and malware on your device. 

Little do some people know but the virus on your device can cause major internet issues. They take up the internet consuming it on background with you even knowing it. It sucks up the internet while degrading the performance.

The antivirus software running on your device.

While the antivirus keeps your device safe it sometimes starts consuming data on background decreasing speed. Just to check if it’s responsible turn it off once while not letting any virus on your device while doing so. Make a speed test and turn it on again.


Filters are present on a wired connection through a telephone line and for better results you need a good filter running through the connection.

Cables and wiring

Check if all the cables and wirings are perfectly fine on your hardware. Any loose wires on the connection can cause major connectivity issues.

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